Guidelines for Whitemane, a private World of Warcraft server.




Whitemane is a project that develops the WhitemaneCore emulator. The sole control over the project is in the hands of the administration. Its decisions are always independent, but the voice of the community will never be unheard.

Whitemane Terms of Use is the highest constitution of law on the server. Every player that creates an account has to read the Terms of Use and obey it. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt you from compliance. The administration is taking care of the server for free, not having any profit out of it. We do it as our passion, we do it for ourselves and for you, that’s why we ask you to respect our work.


  1. The administration has the right to shut down the server at any time for maintenance.

  2. The administration NEVER asks about your account credentials. You are responsible for keeping your account safe. The administration isn’t responsible for any unauthorized logins. The only place where it is safe to put your credentials is the webpage and the game client considering the realm-list is correct.

  3. Trading accounts and characters in the game, the official Whitemane Discord or auction sites is strictly prohibited. The administration is not responsible for any scams done in that way. The sole responsibility is at the player’s side.

Selling or trading your account on an auction site (such as eBay) or any other (for example, MMO forums) for real money (PLN, EUR, USD, etc.) will result in a permanent ban.

  1. Selling / buying gold is prohibited.
  • selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban,
  • buying gold - the removal of all gold, professions and riding on all characters.
  1. The administration doesn’t recover the lost accounts. We don’t remind you of forgotten account credentials. We do not change any of the account info by ourselves.

  2. The administration has the right to delete inactive accounts or characters that were unused for more than 180 days.

  3. Bug use is strictly prohibited. The players should report bugs (through the BugTracker).

  4. Software that modifies the game and / or faking the packets sent to the server is prohibited. Automation software, such as bots, are also prohibited.

  5. Using quest items and quest mounts to attack other players is strictly prohibited. Quest items are meant for the quest they are provided for.

  6. Using the Blizzard icon in chat is prohibited. Impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban.

  7. Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibited. Losing on purpose (win trading/dropping MMR/etc.)

  8. AFKing in PvP content is strictly prohibited, and can be punished with game masters applying deserter debuffs.

  9. C.O.D. Mails used for gold scamming are prohibited.

  10. Extortion and blackmail is prohibited under all circumstances, and can result in a permanent ban in severe cases.

  11. Donating is optional and not necessary to play. We are thankful for all donations and we promise to keep the money for the project’s development.

  12. Having many accounts from the same IP is allowed, but sometimes, if the case demands it, we may punish all the accounts belonging to one player.

  13. Multi-boxing by using any kind of automation (software or hardware) is prohibited. You can be online a maximum of two accounts simultaneously, however joining a Battleground or a Dungeon/Raid through Dungeon/Raid Finder using more than one account is forbidden.

  14. Character names must not be vulgar, racist, insulting, and shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member. The same goes for guild names, pet names, arena teams, etc.

  15. The administration doesn’t interfere in pvp gameplay. You can kill each other, and camp each other, however if you are using exploitative tactics it will fall under bug abuse. However, if a Game master is helping a player with something, we ask that you do not interfere, as it delays support for everyone.

  16. Invoking acquaintance of a Game Master or any staff member or even suggesting anything like that can result in a permanent ban.

  17. Posting personal information of other players (Real name AND/OR social media profiles) without their permission is strictly prohibited.

  18. The administration does not interfere with the mistakes made by the players. We do not refund “accidentally” spent Whitemane Coins, wrongly spent gold/Items in the game, etc.

  19. Ninja looting is forbidden on Whitemane. Punishment will be decided on a case by case basis.

  • The default loot rules are Main Spec > Off spec > Disenchant.
  • For PvP items are class rolls, meaning anyone of that class can roll on them.
  • The default loot rules are applied to every group leader. If a group leader wants to change the loot rules, they have to state the new loot rules before the first pull and screenshot it. The screenshot is evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports.
  • If a player receives an item incorrectly, They are to give it back to the master looter, failure to do this will result in the player being considered the ninja looter, not the master looter.
  • Administration doesn’t interfere with special loot rules. If a group leader has stated loot rules at the beginning of the instance, continuing with the instance is agreeing to them, you cannot report a leader for breaking default rules if he has set specific rules.
  • Ninja Looting in dungeons is as serious as raids, and will be punished at all levels.
  1. Selling Store items from the Shop to other players is forbidden.

  2. Organizing casinos in the game isn't allowed. Casinos are often used by gold sellers, and we don’t want to encourage this.

  3. We do not have any tolerance for players seeking to exploit Dungeon Deserter mechanics. If a player is “holding a dungeon hostage” by refusing to continue, and also refusing to leave and instead requesting to be kicked, WE will Remove the player from the group, give them a deserter debuff that can be 30min to 6hrs long if they did not already receive it, and warn them that continuing to exploit this mechanic will result in further consequences.

II. Game Masters and chat rules

  1. Game Master characters can be recognized by tag before the character’s name and blue BLIZZ or WHITEMANE chat icon. The icon has to be placed BEFORE the nickname. The player has the right to ask a Game Master to appear next to him in order to prove his legitimacy. (They can do that instantly)

  2. Game Masters are here to help you when the emulator isn’t working as it should. Game masters are unable to provide immediate fixes to some bugs in game, and for that we ask you open bug reports so that our developers can help you. We ask that you respect their job as they are volunteering their time.

  3. Insulting the staff is strictly prohibited, and can result in a permanent ban.

  4. Trolling the staff is prohibited. The staff has the right to remove any player from the server if it is deemed necessary. Bear in mind that if your account was banned because of your actions – Whitemane Coins won't be refunded.

  5. Insulting other players is prohibited. We typically will not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper, as players are able to ignore other players.

  6. Creating additional characters/accounts in order to avoid player ignores is prohibited.

  7. Spamming, swearing and racism is prohibited. Be civil.

  8. Abusing Channel Owner functions is prohibited

There are special chat channels that are considered public chats and have their own set of rules:


  1. The global/World chat channel is an English Channel. Speaking in any other language is strictly prohibited.

  2. General channels, such as General, Trade, Local Defense, Public say chats in Major Cities are treated in the same way as the global chat channel: speaking another language may result in a mute.

  3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking English. The same rule applies to Battleground chat, as both Battleground chat and Dungeon Finder party chat are considered global chats.

  4. Looking for more people in the context of raid, party, pre-made Battleground group (doesn't apply to Arena teams and Guilds) from specific country / language is forbidden. Look for a healer, not for a "Polish healer".

III. Appeals

  1. Appeals will be handled by the GM team as a team, while the GM that initially banned you will look over the appeal first, we want to prevent that GM from being your judge, jury, and executioner. This might make appeals take a bit longer, but we feel as though it will be more fair to all players involved.

  2. You can appeal only for 3 days after being punished.

  3. You can report a player only for 3 days after he broke the rules

IV. Other

In any other issues not covered by the rules, general honesty, morality and common sense applies. Advertising other servers might result in account suspension to make it easier for him to play on the server he had advertised.

Participating in collective rule breaking might result in the same penalty.

Players must be up to date with the rules. Logging into the Whitemane website and to the game means the player has accepted the rules.

Administration reserves the right to change the rules if needed.