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How is Whitemane Maelstrom different from other Cataclysm servers?

Whitemane Maelstrom offers a number of Quality of Life features never seen on a Cataclysm server! From Automatic Spell Learning, to Cross Faction Guilds & Raids, we have implemented many features in a way that will feel natural and intuitive to players. Racial shift is also making a debut! For more details on the features offered, please read more on our Discord.

How do I report a player or Staff Member?

Player Reports are fully managed via In-Game Tickets. If you need to report one of our Staff Members, please directly contact our Lead GMs on Discord.

Is Maelstrom a progressive server? How difficult is the content?

Maelstrom is a progressive server, which means that patches and content is released on a Timeline. For example, at the start of the server, the first raids will not be available.

What does crossfaction mean and what all is crossfaction on Whitemane Maelstrom?

By default, Cataclysm is separated by the two factions, Horde & Alliance. Whitemane Maelstrom has implemented a Quality of Life Crossfaction feature. This is our implementation of crossfaction content, meaning you can team up with your opposing faction. Almost every aspect of the game is crossfaction compatible on Maelstrom. Players from opposing factions can join guilds together, join raids, play battlegrounds and arenas. They can group up and quest together, send mail to each other, basically every function in the game is crossfaction! There are a few exceptions.

So if crossfaction exists on both PVP & PVE, how does World PVP work?

While we wanted to give our players the ability to play with their friends across opposing factions, Whitemane Maelstrom is a PVP server, and we aim to keep it that way! Most of the cross faction functionality is enabled when you invite an opposing faction member to your party. Otherwise, opposing faction members will still be hostile in the open world. Crossfaction will not affect World PVP!

How does Racial Shift work? Does it have any limitations?

Racial Shift is a Quality of Life feature aimed at balancing Racial Traits. If your class is available on another Race, you are now able to swap to that Race's Racial Traits. For example, if you choose to play a Dwarf Hunter, you are able to swap to the Racial Traits of a Night Elf, or of an Orc. But, if you play a Gnome Warlock, you are not able to swap to the Racial Traits of a Dwarf, because there isn't an option for Dwarf Warlocks. Racial Shift can be used ONCE per character. The donation store may have a feature in the future for Racial Shifting more than once. Server staff will not change your racial if you make a mistake. When you choose to swap your Racials, you will receive every Racial Trait from that Race. So there is no picking and choosing from multiple Races, you will get every trait from the Race you pick. Horde players are not able to choose Draenei as an option for Racial Shift, regardless of class.

I found a bug in game, where should I report it?

The bugs should be reported to our GitHub BugTracker. If you want to report something, please follow the template provided on GitHub as this makes it easier for us to find the issue.

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Will there be an Armory on the website? PVP Leaderboard? Etc..

We have a lot of plans on expanding our website, and this will be one of our top priorities after Whitemane Maelstrom's launch. Stay tuned!

What is the default experience rate? Can you change it?

By default, the experience rate on Whitemane Maelstrom is 3x. In order to change your experience rate, you can use the command .xp set N (where N is the number you wish to change it to) You can set the experience rate to any number below the default rate.

What are the rules about Ninjalooting?

The default loot rules are Main Spec > Off spec > Disenchant.

For PvP items are class rolls, meaning anyone of that class can roll on them.

The default loot rules are applied to every group leader. If a group leader wants to change the loot rules, they have to state the new loot rules before the first pull and screenshot it. The screenshot is evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports.

If a player receives an item incorrectly, They are to give it back to the master looter, failure to do this will result in the player being considered the ninja looter, not the master looter.

Administration doesn’t interfere with special loot rules. If a group leader has stated loot rules at the beginning of the instance, continuing with the instance is agreeing to them, you cannot report a leader for breaking default rules if he has set specific rules.

Ninja Looting in dungeons is as serious as raids, and will be punished at all levels. Redirect to Ninja Form

What is the Timeline for Whitemane Maelstrom?

The timeline of Maelstrom has been finalized and you can check out the content release schedule by clicking here.

I was banned! How do I appeal my ban?

All ban appeals are handled via e-mail. Please send your appeal to [email protected]. Your appeal decision will be directly affected by your honesty.

Can my Mograine characters be transferred over to your Cataclysm realm?

Yes. Some time after all realm first achievements are completed we will enable transfers from our previous WoTLK realm, Mograine. More info on this soon!

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