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Bonus Weekend

2023-03-24 @ 12:21 AM (ST)

Dear Whitemane community,
This weekend gives you an opportunity to catch up!

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t started playing yet, or if you are maximum level already, the sweet bonus will cover all bases.

From this Friday, 18:00 Realm Time until Monday, 06:00 Realm Time, we are giving you:

  • +50% Experience Bonus to all your characters, from all sources!

  • +50% Reputation Bonus to all your characters, even level 85!

  • +50% Justice Points bonus received from boss kills, to help you catch up with PvE gear!

  • And last, but not least, +50% Honor Bonus to get that sweet PvP set you’ve dreamed of.

We hope that despite this event, you will take the game in moderation and also cherish the beauty of the first days of Spring!

Whitemane Team.