Dear all,

Recently we have been pretty quiet, but despite the beautiful weather outside, we keep the hard work towards making Whitemane the world's best server.

We want to tell you a few things now!

Patch 4.2 is being actively worked on. Our QA team brings us valuable feedback regarding the Molten Front, and the whole quest chain for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. We know that patch 4.1 is boring, it's just two new dungeons, but Rage of the Firelands is nothing short of amazing, and many people compare it to Ulduar. Have you ever defeated Ragnaros in Cataclysm? He has legs.

Vashj'ir yes, it is still in our plans. After Patch 4.2 goes live, we are going to refocus our development to take on the challenges such as Vash'jir and remaining issues of Twilight Highlands. We have joked about this zone because we know that people don't really like it. Originally, there was Abyssal Maw raid planned, taking place underwater, but it was cut off as the cold reception of Vashj'ir made the creators rethink this decision. I don't like Vashj'ir myself, but if it's in the game, it should work. And yes, we will eventually get down to TBC and Wrath content as well.

Player ID is going to get a major revamp this July. It's going to be completely remade. Currently, it's pretty outdated, bringing back memories from the 2010s, but we are actively working on a new version with more and better functionalities, such as linking your in-game account to Discord, to future-proof our new things, such as Whitemane+ or more personalized Discord bots, that would be able to inform you about new mails on your character, guild events, and more. We are also making Player ID more open, where it is possible to link other servers with Player ID. If you are a server owner, new or established, you can contact us for more information about implementing Player ID on your server, to be a hub for all things related to WoW Private servers.

Whitemane+ is coming. It's a paid service that combines many character services from the store and bundles them, resulting in a way cheaper option to have amazing stuff such as protection against Resurrection Sickness, instant flights with Flight Masters, indestructible equipment, and more. Whitemane+ subscribers will also receive a special Discord rank and early access to previewing some of the great stuff that comes next, as thanks to our supporters. This is going to be available this July. We wouldn't be here without you!

Wrath of the Lich King Enhanced is being slowly worked on. It's being designed by a Whitemane co-founder, Radeghost, who came back to our team but as a WotLK+ Designer, so don't bother him about any administrative stuff. While I can't share anything about it, I have seen some new things and heard the ideas: it's going to be Wrath of the Lich King with some new systems, more achievements covering pre-WotLK content, engaging launch style, and more laid back and relaxed gameplay, with challenges for the more experienced players. And hardcore players. I can't wait to see what's coming next. There is no release date yet. Also congrats Radeghost on being a dad!

Raid Logs and PvE Leaderboards raid logs are coming to our website soon. You will be able to explore raids, see players' performance on the website: DPS, Healing, wipes, and more. These leaderboards should show the best players and best guilds on Whitemane, with speed kill rankings, Hall of Fame, and more! We can't wait for you to see it. I can't tell you when it's coming, but it is being on the table right now as we speak and a lot of work has already been done on that.

Client Patch we are actively looking into seamlessly patching your Cataclysm clients to solve some issues such as transmog limitations and LUA errors. When a patch comes, you shall be notified about it.

For more recent things, check 🔨 changelog

Thank you guys for everything, for reading this wall of text, and for being here with us.

We ❤️ you!